Although a V12 is often more powerful, a V10 sounds better, and a V6 is simpler to place in a small engine compartment,

 for the majority of ardent lovers of internal combustion engines, a good ol' V8 is unrivaled.

This iconic setup was developed over a century ago in France, but it lived out its heyday in America, 

where it became the most well-liked engine and ignited the battles of horsepower that gave rise to muscle cars.

The V8 was a mainstay of motorsport for a long time, dominating everything from Formula 1 to sports car racing.

Ford was one of the US automakers that consistently raised the bar for the V8's performance on the road and the racetrack.

However, older generations are unaware of the many, very successful competition V8s that Ford 

produced in the past. The 1964 launch of the DOHC Indy was perhaps the most notable of them.