Since its release on the market for the 1964 1/2 model year, the Mustang convertible has been a 

staple of the pony car subculture, drawing in tens of thousands of buyers. 

 Given this, it was clear that Ford would never introduce a new generation without a rag-top model.

As a result, it also produced such a model in 2022 along with the release of the seventh sequel to the Mustang. 

 It also succeeded with a GT package, in addition.

As anticipated, the front of the vehicle kept the vents on the hood and the same design language as its GT coupe sister.

Furthermore, the top and lower grilles as well as the side scoops on the front fascia still use a hexagonal-pattern mesh design. 

The GT Convertible's thick A-pillars, which acted as a safety arch, were visible from its profile.