The newcomer's rarity is not its only drawback.

There will be a total of 300 pieces made, all in pitch black.

Curb weight is the problem with Black Ghost 2: Stellantis Boogaloo.

More exactly, 4,476 pounds, which is equivalent to 2,030 kilograms in the metric system.

A particular vehicle's performance is most negatively impacted by weight both in straight lines and in corners. 

 If you like to obsess over even the slightest things, you are undoubtedly aware that those summer tires are inadequate.

The original rubber boots are 20-inch Pirelli P Zero PZ4s sized at 305/35, set on 11-inch-wide alloy wheels.

The Challenger's highly outdated platform is also far heavier than the S550 platform, with one specific member of the breed weighing in at 4,168 pounds (1,891 kilograms; according to Edmunds).