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Earth 300 Is a Nuclear-Powered $700m USD Yacht That Wants to Save the World

Earth 300 Is a Nuclear-Powered $700m USD Yacht That Wants to Save the World

The oceans are dying, but all could be saved thanks to Iddes Yachts‘ “Earth 300” — a USD 500,000,000 to USD 700,000,000, nuclear-powered, 300-meter-long giga-yacht.

While it may be longer than the Titanic, measure at 150 feet at its widest area, and have space for 160 scientists, 165 crew members, and 40 VIPs, the purpose of “Earth 300” isn’t to take over our oceans but to actually save them. As you may have noticed from the word “scientists,” this yacht is used as a floating hub for the very best climate scientists to investigate climate change and other earth-damaging situations.

Using robotics, AI, and quantum computing, the boat features everything the very best scientists in the world would need for deep-sea exploration and climate change analysis. For example, that big circle on the deck? That’s the “science city,” an orb that will serve home to the scientists.

As Ides Yachts’ founder, Iván Salas Jefferson, tells Architectural Digest, “We wanted to create a design that would inspire… When one looks at the sphere, we want them to be inspired to protect Earth. When one walks into the sphere, now housing the ‘science city,’ and feels the action of all the ongoing scientific works, we want them to be inspired to become an alchemist of global solutions.”

As for amenities, “Earth 300” features an observation deck, a helipad, and underwater expedition vehicles for exploring the deepest parts of the sea. Those VIPs mentioned earlier will also be invited onboard to experience the vessel, but each will cough up USD 3m to come along.

Lastly, to make sure something as monolithic as this doesn’t further harm the planet, it’s powered by a zero-emissions energy source derived from an onboard molten salt reactor developed by Bill Gates’ TerraPower company. Ides Yachts expects “Earth 300” to launch in 2025, so for now, take a look at the yacht above and find out more online.

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